Borehole Seismograph Geophysics Instruments Seismic Tomography

Borehole Seismograph , also known as vertical seismic profiles (VSP).widely engineering geological prospecting, hydrology, electricity, can do wave speed (sheared wave) survey,transient multifold rayleigh wave prospecting, multi-wave high density seismic imaging
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Borehole Seismograph Geophysics Instruments Seismic Tomography

Borehole Seismograph.1

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Application about Borehole Seismograph:

Widely used for shear wave velocity test, surface wave exploration, pier foundation test, ground micro-tremor measurement, seismic imaging, shake measurement, and refraction or reflection survey.


1.Borehole Seismograph  have fine amplitude consistency and phase consistency, super-low distortion, advanced high-cut filter with suppression more than 72dB (cut point changes according to sampling frequency, without false frequency).

2.Its data collection device and industrial PC (or notebook PC) are designed with USB ports, performance are much higher than other printer ports; sampling and data transferring can carry out simultaneously, owing to the advanced hardware.

3.Trigger signal is available at any time to get into sampling process, for background noise is always being monitored.

4.Borehole Seismograph equip with powerful software---- Windows Operating System supports data sampling in various kinds of seismic working modes.

Seismic Tomography

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