Digital Seismograph with Software

Digital Seismograph with Software

WZG-48C Digital seismograph with software can be used for ground water and other resource exploration.It explore depth ranges from a few meters to several hundred meters, and greater deep seismic data can be gained by using time-lapse function.
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WZG-48C Digital seismograph with software equipment is multichannel seismograph  for engineering applications and micro-zoning. One of the key advantages of it is its modular concept, which provides the user with a flexible multi-channel seismic acquisition system. In this system, several telemetry units can be linked with the synchronization unit that controls the seismic system. WZG-48C Digital seismograph with software each telemetry unit includes a 12-channel registration unit and a 12-channel seismic cable with geophones.


•Cavity survey, cavern survey 

•Quaternary overburden layer delamination 

•Foundation soil type and dangerous geology body survey 

•Foundation soil medium physical property delamination survey 

•Foundation stabilization and roadbed backfill rolling survey 

•Bedrock depth and concealed geology structure prospecting 

•Tunnel line survey and wall rock classification 

•Concrete lining quality detection 

•Tunnel bottom detection and leading exploration 

•Tremor monitoring

Environmental and geologic Engineering hazard detection and appraisal

Landslide, karst, mud and stone flow, dig-out area, active fault and other detection


1.WZG-48C Digital seismograph with software recorder for recording, digitizing and transmission seismic signals from geophones to the control unit or PC.

2.Self controlling the seismographs' operating modes;

3.charging recorders from battery or external power sources

4.starting the recording using synchronization channel - connecting the control unit or PC;

5.a Radio triggering device

6.three or Six‐channel telemetric seismic cable with 2, 5 or 10 meter channel;

7.vertical and horizontal geophones.

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