Seismic Three Component Geophone

Seismic Three Component Geophone

Seismic Three component geophones, each geophone is equipped with three mutually perpendicular sensors to record the three components of the particle vibration velocity vector for simultaneous recording of longitudinal, shear, and converted waves.
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The three-component geophone is a special detector used in multi-wave exploration


Parameter\type nameZ/P100
Natural Frequency (Hz)100±5% 
Sensitivity G 0.25 ±5% 
Coil Resistance Rc(Ω) 1080 ±5% 
Internal Resistance1020 ±5% 
Damping Coefficient Bt 0.5 ±10% 
Harmonic Distortion D 
Insulating Resistance 
Ri (MΩ) 
Coil’S Maximum Displacement P-P(mm) 
Suspension Mass( g ) 5.2
Working Temperature
Weight ( g )

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