Seismograph Cable 6/12/24/48 Channel Refraction Seismic Cables

6/12/24/48 channel seismic cables are specialized cables for geophysical exploration and seismic operations, mainly used for the transmission of seismic signals in seismic survey operations such as petroleum, coal, hydropower, metallurgy and engineering geophysical exploration.
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Customized System Connector, Channel Numbers, Wiring, Take-out, Interval and Lead-in Cable are available upon request.


Portable seismic cable are specially produced for seismic exploration in various field operations, such as complex terrains, large mobility transportation, frequent releasing and collecting, severe climate environments and weak signal conditions.

seismic cable connector


1.Cable take-out adopts molded type, with good contact, firm sealing and good waterproof performance.

2.Seismic cable adopts special composite material, with strong wear-resistant, high tensile strength , light weight and good insulating performance.

3.Cable production adopts short bar distance pairing, which will highly improve cross-talk defense.

4.  Customized channels, lead-in cable length, take-out interval and connector type are also available upon request.

5. Compatible with various main stream seismographs,such us Geode, Strata Visor,SUMMIT, PASI GEA 24 and etc.

24 channel seismic cable

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