Surface Wave Seismic Test Instrument

Surface Wave Seismic Test Instrument

WZG-12 Surface Wave Seismic Test Instrument is used for Groundwork, roadbed and foundation engineering inspection, Tunnel engineering inspection,Large- or medium-scale water reservoir monitoring, Bridge engineering inspection.
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Product Details

WZG-12A Surface Wave Seismic Test Instrument is industrial PC or notebook PC is required to collect data through USB interface; built-in rechargeable battery ensures the instrument to work for over 8 hours.

Main Features:

•24-bit A/D---- Maximum sampling rate is 10μs and 50μs for 3-channel and 6-channel operation respectively.

•Perfect display of original signals---- Fine amplitude consistency and phase consistency, super-low distortion, advanced high-cut filter with suppression more than 72dB (cut point changes according to sampling frequency, without false frequency).

•High-speed data transferring---- Data collection device and industrial PC (or notebook PC) are designed with USB ports, performance are much higher than other printer ports; sampling and data transferring can carry out simultaneously, owing to the advanced hardware.

•Trigger signal is available at any time to get into sampling process, for background noise is always being monitored.

•Windows Operating System supports data sampling in various kinds of seismic working modes (sheared wave velocity test, surface wave exploration, pier foundation test, ground micro-tremor measurement, seismic imaging, shake measurement, and refraction or reflection survey, etc).

•12channels Surface Wave Seismic Test Instrument Advanced technologies make swift display and fast roll possible---- Channel number to be displayed on the screen is defined by the user, maximum 128 channels; support convenient amplitude balance display and clear static time label line display. 

•Flexible configuration, easily extendable---- Both DOS and WINDOWS are optional.

•Reasonable configuration---- Featuring shake proof, waterproof and dust proof.


•12 channels Surface Wave Seismic Test Instrument

•Sampling points: 1024, 2048, 4096, 819, 16384 1M and multi-notch options for earth vibration measurement 

•Sampling rate: 10μs, 25μs, 50μs, 100μs, 200μs, 500μs, 1ms, 2ms, 5ms, 10ms, 20ms 1ms~200ms and multi-notch options for earth vibration measurement 

•A / D converter: 24-bit 

•Signal stack enhancement: 32-bit 

•Dynamic range: 144dB 

•Band-pass width: 0.1Hz~4000Hz 

•Noise : 1μV, all frequency 

•Amplitude consistency: ±0.2% 

•Phase consistency: ±0.01ms 

•Distortion: ±0.05% 

•Time delay: 0~9999ms 

•Data format: SEG-2

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