Underground Water Detector Resistivity Meter

Underground Water Detector Resistivity Meter

Underground Water Detector Resistivity Meter is to measure the apparent resistivity of underground rock by electric field. Because of the different apparent resistivity of rock, a method of drawing out the rock interface can be drawn.
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The resistivity of water is very low. A method of finding the location of water supply by using the obvious electrical difference between water and surrounding rock is called electric method.

WDDS Resistivity  Meter

At present, there are many methods for finding water by electric method, and the most commonly used ones are apparent resistivity method and apparent polarizability method (also called induced polarization method). The theoretical basis for electric water to find water is to use this electrical difference of rock. When we use the two electrodes to supply electricity to the ground on the ground, an electric field is formed between the two poles. In this electric field, we use the instrument to measure a certain point. The point and current intensity are used to determine the apparent resistivity of the point. If there is water between the electric fields, then a low resistance value can appear above the water level. It is according to such means to carry out electric methods to find water.

WDDS-2 Resistivity Meter

The theoretical basis for electric water to find water is scientific, because the electrical resistivity reflects the electrical conductivity of the underground rock, so we get the electrical resistivity value that reflects the electrical properties of the rock, thus making the water level we find accurate. After finding the water level, the depth of the water level can be determined by using the sounding method above the water level. At the same time, according to the multiple sounding points, the trend and tendency of the water-bearing structure can be obtained. Therefore, the accuracy of the electric method for finding water is high, which is other geology. The method is unmatched.


External high voltage power supply: 10V ~ 700V; maximum supply current; 3000mA. There is no overvoltage or overcurrent device in the instrument (Note: The generator must be connected to the dummy load, and the no-load voltage should not exceed 700V).

Voltage measurement range: -3000mV ~ +3000mV; measurement accuracy is ±1.5% ±0.1mV.

Current measurement range: 0.1mA to 3500mA; measurement accuracy is ±1.5% ±0.1mA

Can store data of 800 measuring points

Natural potential compensation range: -1000mV ~ +1000mV

Instrument input impedance: ≥30MΩ

50Hz working suppression is better than 60dB

Machine operating temperature: -10 ° C ~ 50 ° C

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