360degree rotary camera

- Mar 20, 2019-

The 360-degree rotary downhole TV, the probe movement camera, rotates 360° around the circumference and rotates 180° on the pitch. The observation in the downhole is more intuitive, more detailed and more accurate. It adopts high-power lumens ultra-extra-light-cooled light source LED illumination, 5-level built-in illumination brightness adjustment, and external fill light function.

360-degree rotary underground TV color HD high-light wide-angle wide-angle camera, the arrow keys support electric and continuous motion, can be fixed to a certain position at any time, for positioning observation, flexibility, one-button AutoPan automatic scanning, support horizontal scanning back The depression angle is dynamically adjusted.

360-degree rotary downhole TV can be used to observe various features and subtle phenomena of geological bodies in boreholes, wellbores, wells, oil wells, pile foundations, such as stratum lithology, rock structure, geological structure, rock stratum, faults, fissures, mezzanines , karst crushing, etc. The conditions and faults in the well can be seen clearly in the well wall or in the bottom of the well.

360-degree rotary downhole TV from technical parameters, clarity, wide range of azimuth, solid and reasonable structure, not easy to damage, strong practical value, low price, this is unmatched by other underground TV.