Adopt geophysical electric prospecting to find water

- Mar 14, 2019-

It is on a sounding point on the ground. By increasing the distance of the pole of the power supply electrode, the apparent resistivity ρS value of the same point and different pole distances is measured, and the geological section at different depths under this sounding point is studied. It is inferred that the thickness and depth of each layer are relatively reliable. The electric sounding method is widely used in hydrogeology, engineering geology and coal field geological work. By finding the water through the disconnection feature of the sounding curve, it is better to determine the well position, but the positioning accuracy for the water conductivity is low.

Construction scope: 20km2, topographical level III.

Input equipment WDZ-10kw high power smart transmitter

                               WDJD-4 multi-function digital DC Resistivity IP Instrument

geophysical survey underground water detection meter(1)