Aeromagnetic Survey for Iron Ore

- Jul 05, 2019-

Aeromagnetic measurement (abbreviated as aeromagnetic) is a method of geophysical exploration. It uses the aircraft's aerodynamic magnetometer to measure the geomagnetic field strength according to the predetermined flight line and a certain height, and compile various results, and then according to the difference of the rock (mineral) magnetism and the existing geology and Other physical and chemical exploration data, a comprehensive interpretation of the qualitative and quantitative measurement results. Aeromagnetics can directly or indirectly search for deposits, distinguish and delineate various types of magnetic geologic bodies, classify certain mineralization prospects, study geological structures, and provide basic geophysical data for various sectors of the national economy.

The earth is a large magnetic spheroid, the geomagnetic field existing in the space around the earth, mainly composed of the geomagnetic normal field, the changing magnetic field and the magnetic anomaly field. The geomagnetic normal field is caused by a large magnetic object or a strong eddy current stored in the deep part of the earth; the changing magnetic field originates from various factors outside the earth, and its change is small, and it can be corrected in the aeromagnetic field; the magnetic anomaly field is in the earth's crust. An additional magnetic field generated by a ferromagnetic geologic body under the action of a geomagnetic field. Aeromagnetic surveying is mainly to study and measure such magnetic anomalies.

The mainly equipment for Aeromagnetic measurement is include Hi-tagret drone, GSMP-35A aviation potassium pump magnetometer