Application of Geoelectrochemical Method in Prospecting

- Jul 17, 2019-

The gullies in the northern part of the Songshan Mountains in Western Henan are vertical and horizontal, and the Quaternary loess is widely covered with vegetation on the surface. In order to explore the effectiveness of GEOELECTROCHEMICAL method in prospecting for gold deposits in the Loess Covered Area of Laoshan Mountain, western Henan Province, Shizhaigou gold deposit concealed under loess was selected to carry out the feasibility test of prospecting, and GEOELECTROCHEMICAL prospecting research was carried out in the south of the Shilongshan gold polymetallic deposit prospecting area in its adjacent area. It is found that comprehensive GEOELECTROCHEMICAL anomalies are developed in the upper part of the Shizhaigou Au deposit, with obvious anomalies, good element correlation and good interlocking and zoning relationship.

The content characteristics of trace elements (fractal, coefficient of variation, ratio of geoelectric extraction) extracted by geoelectric method in Shilongshan Prediction Area are analyzed. It is found that the geoelectric anomaly law is similar to that of Shizhaigou Au deposit. The contour anomaly map was drawn by Surfer software. Combined with the previous research results, a good grade industrial gold orebody was identified through surface engineering verification at the 45-47 survey points of line 02 with good anomaly overlap. It was proved that faults F1-1 and F20 did exist in the side. The results provide GEOELECTROCHEMICAL theoretical basis for prospecting in the deep part of Shilongshan area and the periphery of Shizhaigou deposit, as well as new ideas for prospecting in the Loess Covered Area of Laoshan.