Application of Water Well Inspection CCTV Camera in Hydrological Drilling

- Feb 14, 2019-

Water Well Inspection CCTV Camera is mainly used in the division of stratum structure, the discrimination of wellbore formation fissures and karst development, the identification of fracture development zones, the determination of karst distribution location and long-term monitoring in boreholes, etc. Water Well Inspection CCTV Camera can be used to monitor vertical boreholes, horizontal boreholes and boreholes with arbitrary angles. The downhole TV mainly detects casing damage, falling objects in wells and blockage of filter pipe holes in the water well repair project. It can record the damage and leakage of casing and casing wall in real time, and transmit the clear image to the surface display using its special underwater cable. 

Borehole inspection cameraBorehole inspection camera

well inspection camera

The application scope of Water Well Inspection CCTV Camera is also expanding. At present, the system is not only applied to the repair of hydrological boreholes and wells, but also widely used in the field of Engineering geology. It can also be used in the maintenance of dykes, reservoirs and underwater operations of ocean engineering.