Borehole Camera Introduce

- Apr 24, 2019-

Primarily found in Oil & Gas and Mining applications, Borehole Cameras are meant to cover long distances. Borehole Cameras usually come on a spool or a reel, as Insertion Tube or Insertion Probe lengths can exceed hundreds of meters. Closely related to Drain Cameras, Pipe Cameras, or Sewer Cameras, features like Articulation or Working Channels are usually not native to Borehole Cameras. Depending on the specific inspection application, Borehole Cameras can be used on mines, oil wells, water wells, pipelines, and even sewer lines.


360degree view allows an us to examine walls, casings, infiltration, screen, gravel pack, encrustations, deterioration, perforation blockage or other physical problems.The inspection is visible by the operator and a CD cut and downloaded onto a computer where an assessment can be made on how to correct any visible problems.

Actual pictures of the situation in a borehole show reality. There is no interpretation, no second guessing. What you see is what it is there. The data is captured onto a SD card.