China Geological Team do Geological Disasters Survey with Compass, Hammer and Drone Everyday

- Jul 12, 2019-

With the advent of the flood season, more and more human activities, coupled with the characteristics of mountains, have ushered in the high incidence of geological disasters in Chongqing. As a geological “physical inspector”, the geological disaster prevention and control geology team members have the task of field exploration every day. .

Compass, geological hammer, magnifying glass, is the geological "three treasures." In addition to this "three treasures", safety ropes and helmets are also essential equipment. High-tech equipment such as drones greatly enhance the efficiency of geological players.


The compass and the measuring ruler can measure the microscopic deformation, and the macroscopic deformation and destruction can only be compared by patrol.

In addition to the routine geological "physical examination", the geological team members also need to do the technical support and emergency rescue work for the disaster prevention and control in the area. In the flood season, they need to wait 24 hours a day, rush to the geological disaster site, scientifically define the scope of the danger zone, and carry out emergency disposal and rescue work.