Chinese BDS-3 Preliminary System Provide Global Services Like GPS System and GLONSS System

- Feb 18, 2019-

Chinese BDS-3 Preliminary System Provide Global Services Like GPS System and GLONSS System

Chinese government announces that the BDS-3 Preliminary System is Completed to Provide Global Services, and the global services are provided starting 27th December,2018.

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China’s alternative to the American-owned GPS extended its coverage beyond the Asia-Pacific region with a goal of becoming a dominating technology in the future, It had extends Its Reach to Europe and Africa.

The service, called Beidou, is now available in some parts of Europe and Africa within China’s Belt and Road initiative, spokesman Ran Chengqi told reporters on Thursday in Beijing. The company, which uses a series of satellites to provide users’ precision positioning with an error of about 10 meters, plans to launch 12 more satellites by 2020. Beidou is among a slew of ambitious projects that the world’s second-largest economy is undertaking to sharpen its competitiveness in aerospace.

  “From today, wherever you go Beidou will be with you, anywhere, anytime,” said Ran.

China started work on its own satellite navigation and positioning system in the 1990s to reduce its dependence on the Global Positioning System developed by the U.S. Named after the Chinese word for the Big Dipper star pattern, the Beidou system is now in its third stage and is capable of providing navigation and positioning services in different geographical regions. The goal is to have complete worldwide coverage by the end of this decade.

Beidou, which provides navigation and positioning for China’s military and critical infrastructure, is finding increasing use in everything from mapping services to cars ,smartphones and topographic surveying instruments.China launched the 42nd and 43rd Beidou satellites in November.

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