Deep three-dimensional Electromagnetic Detection technology

- Apr 08, 2019-

                    Deep three-dimensional Electromagnetic Detection technology

Based on the propagation characteristics of natural electromagnetic fields and artificial electromagnetic fields, engineers combined with the development of geophysical electromagnetic instruments and the requirements of large-scale fine exploration, and designed five kinds of three-dimensional distributed detection methods, including magnetotelluric sounding (AMT/). MT), Controlled Audio Magnetotelluric Sounding (CSAMT), Time Domain Induced (TDIP), Spectral Induced (SIP), Magnetic Source Transient Electromagnetic Sounding (TEM). At the same time, multi-station, multi-component, all-weather array synchronous measurement is realized by the hybrid synchronization technology of high-precision GPS and constant temperature crystal.

Through the field function test and comparison test with foreign commercial instruments, the 3D electromagnetic detection work method has been further improved, and the instrument and software performance can be further improved. Using the perfect detection instrument, the project team carried out three levels of application demonstrations of mineral exploration, three-dimensional geological mapping and deep structure detection. The exploration and demonstration of minerals carried out in four mining areas in Liuyuan, Gansu, Anhui, Anhui, Ninglang, and Hami, Xinjiang, have achieved good results. Among them, three prospecting targets were set up in Liuyuan, Gansu, in Huangjiang, Anhui. A 240-meter-thick copper-gold ore body was found in the pyrite mine area. The three-dimensional geological mapping demonstrations carried out in Karamay, Xinjiang and Liuyuan, Gansu Province, show that the method technology system has a more accurate response to deep faults and important concealed rock masses. The deep exploration test carried out in the Zalute Basin of Inner Mongolia, using the obtained electrical parameters, combined with the existing drilling data, detailed the morphology of the oil and gas target layer and the basin base. The test results also show that the depth of the IP detection and transient electromagnetic detection reaches nearly 800 meters, the depth of the detectable source electromagnetic method exceeds 1500 meters, and the detection depth in the Xiong'an new area reaches 3,000 meters.

Deep three-dimensional electromagnetic detection technology

There is no end to the development of science and technology. At present, China's three-dimensional electromagnetic detection technology research is still in the running or running phase compared with foreign countries. It is lightweight and networked in 3D electromagnetic detection instruments, electromagnetic interference recognition and intelligent data processing, and 3D electromagnetic multi-parameter joint fine inversion. Various aspects are urgently needed for further exploration and research.