Downhole TV Logging System

- Mar 25, 2019-

                                                     Downhole TV Logging System

The optical fiber borehole well inspection camera's image is real-time, clear and smooth, and the application effect is good, but special fiber-optic roller and ground equipment are needed, the cost is high, and the application environment is limited. The eagle eye borehole well inspection camera uses a common armored logging cable, which has good environmental adaptability, but the real-time image, clarity and fluency of the image have a large gap with the fiber-optic downhole TV.

  If the video effect of the fiber-optic; borehole well inspection camera can be achieved on the logging cable, it should greatly promote the development and application of the technology of the downhole TV, but due to the fiber-optic logging cable structure and the adaptability of the wellbore environment and the ordinary armor. With limited cable bandwidth and transmission rate, borehole well inspection camera logging technology and equipment has made little progress in more than a decade. This situation continued until 2015 and was broken.

In 2015, EVCAM successfully developed the Optis® HD Electric Line downhole TV logging system with a transmission rate of over 200kbps. Using the latest downhole video technology, it can transmit color HD video in real time on single-core and multi-core logging cables. The maximum frame rate can be Up to 25fps. EV offshoreLimited's Tobben Tymons et al. pointed out that the combination of single-core cable high-speed telemetry technology, video processing and storage technology and innovative applications in downhole TV has greatly reduced operating costs, improved downhole TV operation efficiency, and expanded underground. The application field of television brings oil and gas well monitoring into the video era [6].

        In 2017, Xi'an Petroleum University successfully developed the Videolog series of logging cable visualization logging system, using a new generation of logging cable network high-speed transmission technology to achieve color full frame rate network video on ordinary single-core/multi-core armored logging cables. Real-time transmission [7].

Downhole logging

        The appearance of the full-frame rate downhole TV of the logging cable has the advantages of low cost, high reliability, good applicability of wellbore conditions, good real-time performance of fiber-optic cable downhole TV, clear and smooth image, and visual measurement. The development and application of well technology has taken it to a new historical stage.