Electrical Resistivity Imaging Advanteage

- Apr 01, 2020-

The basic principle of the high-density electrical method is exactly the same as the traditional resistivity method. The difference is that high-density measuring points are set in the observation. When measuring on-site, all the electrodes need only be arranged on the measuring points with a certain interval. Make observations. Because there are a large number of electrodes and the electrodes can be freely combined, this can provide more geoelectrical information, so that electrical surveys can use overlay measurement methods like seismic surveys. Compared with the conventional electric method, the high-density electric method has the following advantages: 

(1) the electrode layout is completed at one time, which reduces the interference caused by the electrode setting and the measurement error caused by it; 

(2) can effectively perform a variety of electrodes The measurement of the arrangement method can obtain a wealth of geological information about the state of the geoelectric structure; 

(3) All data collection and collection are automated, which not only collects quickly, but also avoids errors and errors caused by manual operations. 

(4) Real-time on-site processing and offline processing of data can be achieved, greatly improving the intelligence of the resistivity method.