Engineering Investigation

- Jul 10, 2019-

Construction engineering survey refers to the activities of mapping, exploring and testing the terrain, geology and hydrology, and providing corresponding results and materials to meet the needs of planning, design, construction, operation and comprehensive management of the project construction. Geotechnical engineering The survey, design, processing and monitoring activities in the project are also in the scope of engineering survey.

Study and identify the geological and geographical environment characteristics of the project construction site, and its comprehensive applied science related to engineering construction. For the planning, design, construction, operation and comprehensive management of urban construction, industrial and civil construction, railways, roads, offshore ports, transmission and pipeline engineering, water conservancy and hydraulic construction, mining and underground engineering, engineering surveys pass on the terrain, Surveying, mapping, exploration, testing and comprehensive assessment of geological and hydrological elements provide basic information for feasibility evaluation and construction. It is the primary link in infrastructure. Do a good job in engineering surveys, especially in the early stage surveys, to make detailed arguments on the construction site, to ensure the rational implementation of the project, and to promote the project to achieve the best economic, social and environmental benefits.