Features of Inclinometer

- Dec 29, 2018-

ƒ Performance Excellence: Portable digital vertical activity Inclinometer has won wide acclaim in the world for its durability, high precision and fast response.

ƒ repeatable detection: To ensure that it can also be detected on a variety of oblique tubes, the inclinometer probe is equipped with a sturdy wheel frame, a sealed axle and a specially designed measuring wheel.

ƒ has a long service life: The probe is compact and allows for a small radius curve, which exceeds the inclinometer of all other manufacturers.

ƒ computer rate is determined: Each inclinometer probe has been specially designed to set the strict rate of the computer rate table. ƒ Reliable control Cable: The control cable is very durable and easy to handle, keeping it flexible and durable even at low temperatures. The control cable also has chemical corrosion resistance and wear resistance, and provides excellent space stability. Flexible rubber depth markers are permanently and reliably hardened on the cable sheath.

The markings are not loose and do not cause burrs that can damage the cable sheath and wire. ƒ depth control is consistent: the pulley device is a recommended auxiliary device, which helps the operator to complete uniform depth control.

Cable fixtures that can only be active in one direction ensure that the position of the probe is consistent.

Integrity of the ƒ system: The inclinometer System includes high-quality oblique tubes, vertical and horizontal active inclinometer, vertical and horizontal fixed inclinometer, recording reading devices, chart analysis software and special accessories.