Geological Survey Exploration

- Aug 07, 2019-

The field of geological engineering is based on the natural sciences and the geosciences. It is mainly based on geological surveys, general surveys and explorations of mineral resources, geological structures of major projects and engineering issues involved in geological backgrounds, with geology, geophysics and geochemistry. Technology, mathematical geological methods, remote sensing technology, testing technology, computer technology, etc. are the pioneering engineering fields for the national economic construction.

The major geological problems in the national economic construction, the various types of mineral resources required, water resources and environmental issues are the conditions and foundation for the stable and sustainable development of society. In the field of geological engineering, scientific research, engineering implementation and personnel training are carried out for this purpose. Geological engineering has a wide range of services and diverse technical means. From air, ground, underground, land to ocean, various methods and technologies work together and cross-infiltrate. It has formed a scientific and rational, three-dimensional modern integrated technology and method.