Geophysical prospecting method in intrusive rocks area

- Oct 14, 2019-

        Intrusive rocks in the area of groundwater is difficult to find,but more abundant in the dry season the groundwater more difficult to find,to quickly resolve severe drought disaster in Shandong Yimengshan people much-needed human and livestock water consumption through advanced and effective geophysical methods and reasonable working arrangement greatly increased drought in the intrusive rocks in the area to find water wells set the speed and rate guarantees as well,by the construction of drilling results verify the geophysical inference realistic,given the success rate of 96% well,single-well water yield are far beyond the estimated amount of water,to find a more extensive local groundwater resources,water resources needed to solve the problem of the masses,the people and the old liberated areas have been highly appreciated by the local government.Proved Yimengshan intrusive rocks in the area of geophysical methods based on different characteristics and be well area is difficult, easy, and CSAMT method were selected degree of resistivity sounding method to find underground water source not only improves the speed and success rate of well set,but also made good hydrogeological effects,it is in similar application areas.Practical work in the specific practice,one can not determine the geological survey of the ground target range and set well drilling difficult areas,the use of controlled source audio magnetotelluric method is fast and efficient features,to sweep the work surface,suggesting that rock construction of fracture zone,delineated area that is rock crushing low resistance,water lots,and to determine the depth of drilling wells;the second is on the ground within the geological survey to determine,using the resistivity sounding method,the use of a single curve reflects the broken rocks,water section to determine the visual characteristics of the aquifer and depth.