How to protect drill pipe for longer usetime?

- Jan 03, 2020-

  Nine tips for protect drill pipe

1. When using a new drill pipe, make sure that the thread at the front of the drill (protecting the shaft head) is also close to the new one. The rotating head of the new ring is easy to damage the screw of the new drill pipe, causing water leakage, buckling, and loosening. And so on.

2. When using a drill pipe for the first drilling, you should first "grind the new buckle". This involves first applying the oil of the wire buckle, then tightening it with a drill, then opening the buckle, and then applying the wire buckle. Open the oil again and repeat three times in this way to avoid new wear and snaps.

3. Properly maintain a straight line between the drill pipe under the ground and the ground. This can avoid stress on the side of the wire buckle and cause unnecessary wear, or even jump buckles. It is very important to anchor the rig to avoid force movement during construction. .

4. When tightening, it should be tightened slowly to reduce excessive wear.

5. Each time you buckle, you must tighten with full torque, and always pay attention to the condition of the clip.

6. Shorten the distance that the drilling rig pours into the ground, because if the drill pipe lacks support, it will easily bend and deform when the drill pipe is advanced and guided, resulting in a shorter life.

7. Keep the entrance angle as small as possible, and slowly change the angle according to the safety requirements of the drill pipe.

8. Do not exceed the maximum bending radius of the drill pipe. Pay special attention to changing the horizontal section during drilling and the drilling angle when drilling.

9, keep using the drill pipe in turn, avoid the fixed drill pipe to guide and expand back, must take turns to avoid excessive wear and break the rod.