How to repair the deep water well---clearing siltation

- May 10, 2019-

A: Main reason for the siltation of water well

(1) Flooded the well, the suspended particles entrained in the water are deposited in the well

(2) There is no well that is submerged for flooding. Because normal pumping allows a certain amount of fine particles to be discharged into the well through the well pipe, part of it is pumped away, and some of the sediment is settled in the well. The time is long, the well is fouled, and the water output of the well is reduced. Also need to dredge.

B:The common method of dredging water source wells

1. Washing well dredging method

(1) The dredged sand pipe is dredged.

(2) The sand pipe is dredged.

2. Single pump dredging method

3. Double pump dredging method

4. Air compressor dredging method

5. Mud pump and air compressor combined with dredging method

6. Drilling and dredging method