How to test water level

- Jul 31, 2019-

Water level measurement equipment mainly includes water level electric measuring rope, water level meter, ultrasonic positioning instrument, float meter, etc. In the measurement of water level in deep wells, water level gauge, ultrasonic lateral position gauge and float gauge are not suitable for use because of their design defects and high cost. The electric line for measuring water level in deep wells has become the best method and equipment for measuring water level because of its low cost and fast and accurate measurement. It is also a basic measuring tool commonly used by hydrogeologists.

The equipment mainly includes cable measuring rope marked with depth label, water contact probe, water contact indicator, etc. It is mainly used for manual measurement of water level depth of various wells, for hydrogeological survey, foundation pit dewatering project, and water level measurement of saturation line monitoring project. Specifically include:

1. Hydrogeology: water level measurement of groundwater monitoring wells, hydrogeologic surveying wells and pumping test wells;

2. Foundation engineering: water level monitoring of dewatering wells and water level measurement of pile holes;

3. Water Conservancy Project: Manual patrol water level measurement for observation holes of dam body saturation line;

4. Water supply engineering: the dynamic water level measurement of water wells assists to determine the position of the lower pump.