Logging technology

- Sep 25, 2019-

1. Production logging is performed in casing wells;

2. The outer diameter of the logging instrument is small;

3. The instrument can withstand high temperature and high pressure and strong corrosion resistance;

4. The logging speed is slower;

5, mainly in the way of point measurement and continuous measurement.

The important task of production logging is to measure the fluid flow profile of production and injection wells. The measurement parameters include fluid velocity (flow), density, water holding capacity, temperature, pressure, and so on. To understand the nature and flow rate of each perforated interval produced or inhaled fluids in order to evaluate well production and reservoir characteristics.

The main purpose of production logging is to evaluate the flow of fluid inside and outside the tubing and the completion of the well. It provides a basis for oil and gas field reservoir evaluation, development and adjustment of development plans, detection of downhole technical conditions, implementation of operational measures and evaluation of effects.