Pipeline inspection robot

- Aug 06, 2019-

Pipeline inspection robot:

As an important means of material transportation, pipelines have a wide range of applications. During the use of the pipeline, due to various factors, various pipeline blockages and pipeline failures and damages may occur. If the pipeline is not inspected, repaired and cleaned in time, it may cause an accident and cause unnecessary losses. However, the environment in which the pipeline is located is often difficult to directly reach or allow people to directly enter, and it is very difficult to detect and clean. Therefore, one of the most effective methods is to use the pipeline inspection robot to realize on-line inspection, maintenance and cleaning in the pipeline.

The pipeline inspection robot is composed of a controller, a crawler, an HD camera, a cable, and the like. At the time of the operation, the controller controls the crawler to carry the detection device into the pipeline for detection. During the inspection process, the pipeline robot can transmit video images of the internal conditions of the pipeline in real time for professional maintenance personnel to analyze the internal faults of the pipeline.

The advantages of using a pipeline to detect robots:

1. High security. Use large-scale pipeline robots to enter the pipeline to find out the internal conditions of the pipeline or eliminate hidden dangers of pipelines. If it is manual operation, there are often large potential safety hazards, and the labor intensity is high, which is not conducive to the health of workers. The intelligent operation of the large pipeline robot can effectively improve the safety performance of the operation.

2, saving labor. The pipeline inspection robot is small and light, and the operation can be completed by one person. The controller can be installed on the vehicle, saving labor and saving space.

3. Improve efficiency and quality. The intelligent engineering of the pipeline robot is accurate and can display the date and time, the inclination of the crawler (pipe slope), the air pressure, the crawling distance (the number of meters), the laser measurement result, the azimuth (optional), etc. The display state of these messages is set by the function keys; the lens angle of view clock display (pipeline defect orientation).

4, high protection level, camera protection grade IP68, can be used for 5 meters water depth, crawler protection grade IP68, can be used for 10 meters water depth, have airtight protection, material waterproof rust and corrosion, no need to worry about quality problems, because the work only The best pipeline robot in the country.

5, high-precision cable reel, retractable line does not affect each other, optional length.

With the help of the pipeline inspection robot, faults and damages in the pipeline can be easily found, which not only saves manpower but also reduces the amount of construction and greatly enhances work efficiency. Pipeline detection robots will become the main trend of pipe network inspection in China. The application of pipeline robots in national pipe network surveys is also an inevitable choice.

Pipeline robots mainly use closed-circuit television detection technology to detect the internal conditions of pipelines, also known as "CCTV pipeline robots." CCTV pipeline robots have been matured abroad, and have achieved a lot of results in the field of in-pipe operation robots, mainly used in pipeline inspection, maintenance and cleaning of air-conditioning ventilation ducts.

Pipeline robots have been developed in China in recent years and are developing rapidly. The reason is that there are still many problems in the pipeline inspection pipeline in China, and the pipeline inspection technology in China has not been updated. To this end, we have made market analysis and report on domestic pipe network testing. 91% of China's urban pipe network has more or less problems. This is why many urban drainage systems will appear in the rainy season every year. Series of questions.

The urban underground pipe network includes urban water supply, drainage, power supply, gas supply, communication, etc. It is an important part of the urban infrastructure. The underground pipe network is the city's "blood vessels" and nerves, and is also the lifeline of the city. With the rapid development of urban construction, China has increased the development and utilization of underground space in recent years. There are more and more underground pipe networks laid in cities. However, due to the large number of property rights units involved in the underground pipe network, there is a lack of unified standard management. The archives of the underground pipe network are not uniform, which leads to the unclear situation of the underground pipe network. With the concealment of the underground pipe network, the actual location and depth of the pipe network cannot be determined. The damage to the underground pipe network during construction will occur to the city. Construction management and old city transformation have brought hidden dangers.

The CCTV pipeline robot is a set of mechanized and intelligent equipment for recording the internal conditions of the pipeline. It performs real-time monitoring, recording, video playback, image capture and video file storage on the internal conditions of the pipeline, without personnel entering the pipeline. Inside, you can understand the internal conditions of the pipeline, which is suitable for the detection of sewage pipelines, rainwater pipelines, rainwater confluence pipelines, tanks and inspection wells.