Precautions for the use of inclinometer

- Dec 29, 2018-

1. Use in the operating temperature, to prevent vibration, strictly prohibit impact hole bottom, prevent sudden acceleration of the probe, strictly prohibit the carrying of cable swing probe;

2. It is strictly forbidden to use wire and metal when bundling cables, preferably using winch or rope to collect lines;

3. Wipe the probe, clean and dry the joints, lubricate the wheel and O-ring in time, pay attention to moisture-proof, clean sockets and panels;

4. After use strictly prohibit the long-term so that each connection is not separated, which will cause long-term moisture residue in the probe corrosion joint;

5. After the test is completed, dry the probe and cable, cover the protective cover, put the probe into the protective box;

6. Go back indoors, dry the reading meter and charge the battery;

7. It is best to let all the joints dry indoors;