Seismic exploration Explanation

- May 21, 2019-

What is the seismic exploration?

According to the relevant person in charge of the Geophysical Exploration 231 team, seismic exploration is to find oil and gas fields or other exploration purposes by artificially exciting seismic waves, collecting seismic data in the field, and obtaining indoor geological structures and rock characteristics through indoor processing and interpretation method.

Which place will be explorated in Yongchuan?

The seismic exploration engineering work area is mainly located in Yongchuan District, Rongchang District, Dazu District and Sichuan Province, and it covers 19 townships. Among them, Yongchuan Industrial Zone starts from Shuangshi Town in the north, Xianda Town in Nanda; Baofeng Town in the west and Lianhuachang Town in the east; the construction area is 654.11km.

Regarding seismic exploration, you need to pay attention to these


About red cable

The red cable is the collection line for transmitting data when exploring oil and gas. The cable is not charged, the vehicle can be crushed, and people can step on it. Please be careful not to be tripped.



About the source car

Urban exploration mode: The seismic source car is used to manufacture the seismic wave, and the data is analyzed through the transmission. When the seismogenic vehicle manufactures seismic waves, most of the energy of the vibrator will be used to generate seismic elastic waves of the earth, which will not affect the environment. It is suitable for use in residential areas and other prohibited areas, so please do not panic.



About the way of exploration in the suburbs

Suburban exploration method: the method of manufacturing the source by deep well shooting, transmitting data through the acquisition line, and analyzing the data.