TS7 GNSS RTK System's Features

- Apr 03, 2019-

1. The new BDS measurement engine (440 channels, support single Beidou solution) TS7 adopts Hi-Target's new multi-star system core, 440 channels, completely independent intellectual property multi-star multi-frequency new generation RTK algorithm, new signal tracking technology, Multi-path navigation signals, shade blocking, house corners, etc., easy to achieve stable and reliable high-precision measurement operations, support single BDS RTK solution, support a variety of differential formats, perfect compatible with a variety of CORS systems.

2, built-in 4G full Netcom Mobile / Unicom / telecommunications network can be used, built-in 4G full Netcom and network antenna, support for external antenna, users can freely choose, no longer have network mode restrictions.

3, multi-protocol built-in radio multi-protocol radio application, compatible with domestic and international brand radio protocol (HI-TARGET, TRIMTALK450S, SOUTH, CHC); power high, medium and low adjustable, up to 4W, typical working distance of 8 kilometers; mobile station The mode supports relay function.

4, efficient and intelligent interactive experience In order to make the user easier and simpler to operate, TS7 is equipped with high-brightness LCD display, built-in WebUI setting interface, support for NFC IGRS, smart lithium battery support fast charge, tilt measurement 2.0, etc., this new product There are so many highlights, I hope to bring more surprises to users!