What are the components of the drilling machine working system?

- Aug 02, 2019-

The work of the drilling machine is a huge one, and the working conditions and characteristics of each unit are different. We can divide the working system of the drilling machine into three parts according to the working characteristics of the drilling machine. Rotating system, lifting system, circulation system, and the whole set of drilling rigs is composed of eight system equipment.

1.Rotating system equipment and tools

 2. Circulatory system equipment and tools

  3. Enhance system equipment and tools

  4. Power drive system equipment

  5. Transmission system equipment

6. Control system and test display instrument

  7. Drill base

 8. Auxiliary equipment


  The principle of drilling machine disassembly is generally the first disassembly of the rear loading, and the first disassembly. The rig accessories remind you to pay attention to the following when disassembling:


    (1) Excluded gas, liquid and water pipeline excuses should be sealed to keep the inside of the pipeline and the interface of the drilling machine clean to avoid the entry of debris.


    (2) When the drilling machine is disassembled, the fasteners shall be separately packaged and marked with a label or placed in a special packaging box.


    (3) The spirals and nuts used for connection should be packaged separately to avoid confusion between high-strength spirals and nuts and other spirals and nuts.


    (4) The software of the air system should be protected from oil. The external threads of each pipeline should be wrapped with clean plastic cloth to avoid thread damage and keep the tube clean.


    (5) It is strictly forbidden to fall or touch when disassembling and lifting, so as to avoid damage to the machine.


    (6) If it needs to be transported over a long distance or stored for a long time, it should be protected from rain, moisture and rust, and packaged in a box and filled out the packing list.


    (7) All liquids (oil, water) in the equipment should be drained clean.