What is drone aerial survey?

- Aug 07, 2020-

Drone aerial survey is a powerful supplement to traditional aerial photogrammetry methods. It has the characteristics of flexibility, efficiency, speed, precision, low operating cost, wide application range, short production cycle, etc., and fast high-resolution images in small areas and difficult-to-flight areas It has obvious advantages in acquisition. With the development of drone and digital camera technology, digital aerial photography technology based on drone platforms has shown its unique advantages.

 The combination of drones and aerial photogrammetry makes "UAVs" "Digital low-altitude remote sensing" has become a new development direction in the field of aerial remote sensing. Drone aerial photography can be widely used in major national engineering construction, disaster emergency and handling, land supervision, resource development, new countryside and small town construction, etc., especially in basic There are broad prospects in surveying and mapping, land resource survey and monitoring, dynamic monitoring of land use, digital city construction, and data acquisition for emergency disaster relief surveying and mapping.

Drone aerial survey uses unmanned aircraft as an aerial platform, and uses airborne remote sensing equipment, such as high-resolution CCD digital cameras, light optical cameras, infrared scanners, laser scanners, GPS PPK Kit,  RTK GPS  Kit and magnetic detectors to obtain information. Image information is processed and made into images according to certain accuracy requirements.