What is golden nail?

- Jul 02, 2019-

The geological “golden nail” is actually the common name for the layered profile and point (GSSP) of the global stratigraphic unit. The golden nail is a typical or standard of the chronostratigraphic unit boundary specified by the International Stratigraphic Commission and the International Association of Geosciences. The gold nail is the only global standard or model for defining and distinguishing the formations formed by different ages (era) in the world, and is marked in a specific location and a specific sequence of rock formations as a means of determining and identifying between the two strata of the world. The only sign of the boundary is also known as the "earth of the earth", the "Olympic gold medal" of the geological community.

At present, China's gold nails are widely distributed. There are Huangnitang gold nails, Changxing limestone gold nails, Huayuu Bijin nails, Penglaitan gold nails, Guzhang gold nails, Wangjiawan gold nails, Huanghuachang gold nails, Changxingjin. 11 gold nails such as nails, bumping gold nails, Jiangshan gold nails and Jianhe gold nails have gained international recognition.

On June 21, 2018, Stan Finney, Secretary-General of the International Union of Geological Sciences, signed the project and approved the research team headed by Professor Zhao Yuanlong from Guizhou University in China as the third in the international Cambrian system. And the fifth-order report. So far, the world's 68th, China's 11th "golden nail" settled in Jianhe, Guizhou, China has become the country with the most "golden nails" in the world. This "golden nail" also made Professor Zhao Yuanlong a paleontologist who has made outstanding achievements in biota and geological chronology research.