What is Hi-RTP

- May 14, 2019-

The Hi-RTP system is a real-time precision positioning service system covering the whole world. It is mainly composed of ground reference station network, data processing center, ground injection station, L-band communication satellite and user terminal. It can be applied to many fields such as autonomous driving, precision agriculture, disaster monitoring, smart grid, financial medical, mobile communication, construction engineering, aviation navigation, navigation and navigation, urban management, resource and environmental management, and agricultural and forestry applications.

According to the introduction of the Haida, the Hi-RTP positioning service has four advantages compared with the traditional satellite-based augmentation system: one can cover anywhere in the world; the other is that it can be broadcast simultaneously through the L-band communication satellite and the Internet. Correction number, users can choose to access according to the actual situation, the method is more flexible; Third, real-time high-precision positioning can be realized at any time and any place in the world without the need to set up the base station; Fourth, it can provide centimeter-level, decimeter-level and There are three different types of positioning services in the sub-meter category.

Chen Jianwen, vice president of China Haida International, said that the company's international business will go deep into the industry and provide real solutions and services to the industry, thereby reducing marginal costs, improving return on investment, profit margins, and gradually moving from hardware manufacturers to verticals. The transformation of core business companies in the market.

The specific layout includes: introducing mature software vendors, such as establishing strategic partnerships with Aplitop and Esri (at the meeting, Zhonghaida has reached strategic cooperation with Esri); providing accurate solutions in agriculture, forestry, construction, railway, monitoring, etc. Extending the use of credit data in the digital age ecosystem.

The Hi-RTP system has been officially launched in March 2019, and the supporting ground hardware RTK terminal has also been put on the market.