What requirements should the pile foundation survey meet?

- Apr 28, 2020-

1. Identify the distribution range, thickness, genetic type, burial conditions and engineering characteristics of the soft soil, and if necessary, the stress history of the soil layer.

2. Identify the distribution and changes of sand-containing and soft to hard plastic clay layers in soft soil.

3. Identify the burial depth, thickness and variation law of the optional supporting layer and underlying layer, and provide their shear strength and compressibility indicators according to the needs of the project.

4. Identify hydrogeological conditions and determine the corrosivity of groundwater to Dongying pile foundation materials.

5. Find out the distribution of the liquefiable soil layer and the degree of damage to the pile foundation, and put forward suggestions on prevention measures.

6. Evaluate the possibility of pile formation, demonstrate the construction conditions of the pile and its impact on the environment.