What's application for borehole inspection camera in oil field?

- Jun 19, 2020-

Borehole inspection camera is a new type of casing detection method. The logging results are intuitive, timely and accurate. Combined with the working principle of borehole inspection camera and the application of on-site logging.


With the extension of oilfield exploitation time, the casing damage of oil and water wells has become increasingly serious, which directly affects the normal production of oil and water wells. Therefore, it is more and more important to detect the casing condition of casing damaged wells. Engineering logging techniques such as temperature logging, caliper logging, acoustic logging, magnetic logging, azimuth logging, etc. can effectively detect casing damaged sections from different sides, and  borehole inspection camera is a new type The casing inspection technology has the characteristics of intuitiveness, timeliness and accuracy, and plays an important role in casing inspection and workover operations.

Working principle  borehole inspection camera is to use the principle of optical imaging to directly reflect the downhole casing status to the surface display terminal, and display the logging images in real time at the logging site. The system is mainly composed of ground control instruments and downhole tools.