What's the advantages about Engineering Anchoring Drilling Rig?

- Sep 06, 2019-

                                      What's the advantages about  engineeringanchor drilling rig?

Full hydraulic anchor drilling rigs, commonly known as bolt drills, down-the-hole drills, rhinestones, rock drills, bolt impact drills, etc. The power head is designed for impact and rotation, and has a reverse function. The rig can not only quickly drill into the general rock formation, but also realize the rapid drilling of the sand layer and the cobblestone layer; it is especially suitable for foundation pit anchoring and slope maintenance. Engineering reinforcement, as well as casing anchoring and root canal construction for various complex and easily collapsed formations.

Anchor drilling rig is mainly used in landslides and dangerous rock mass anchoring projects in various geological disaster prevention and control of hydropower stations, railways and highway slopes, especially suitable for high slope rock mass anchoring engineering, and also suitable for deep foundation pit support and anti-floating in construction cities. Bolt and foundation grouting reinforcement hole, blasting hole of blasting project, high-pressure jet grouting pile, tunnel pipe support hole, etc., the power head is slightly changed, and it can be conveniently constructed in all directions. Main drilling methods: DTH hammer conventional drilling, heel drilling, and auger drilling. In the practice of pore-forming construction of different drilling methods in various complex strata, its excellent perforating performance has been recognized by the majority of construction units and peers.

The anchor rig's main boom can be pitched in the 90° range and the rig can be swung in the 180° range. The unique telescopic and jib design allows the rig to perform multiple layers of anchoring within 6 meters. The main frame can be rotated 360°, and dense drilling can be achieved within a certain range. The anchor drilling rig has high drilling efficiency and moderate fuel consumption, which greatly improves the adaptability and working efficiency of the drilling rig, greatly reduces the running cost and truly reflects the maximum benefit. The deepest drilling degree is up to 120 meters, and the drilling speed is up to 1 meter per second. The advantage of the equipment is that the main arm can be automatically telescoped, and the machine head can rotate 360°. It is suitable for working under high drilling density and adapting to geology. strong ability.