What time requirement for pile inspection?

- Nov 15, 2019-

Pile foundation inspection time requirements

1. The starting time for pile foundation inspection should meet the requirements:

(1) When using the low strain method or the acoustic wave transmission method, the concrete strength of the pile to be inspected is at least 70% of the design strength and not less than 15 MPa.

(2) When the core drilling method is applied, the concrete age of the pile to be inspected reaches 28d or the strength of the same condition maintenance test block is set to reach the design strength.

(3) The rest time before the bearing capacity test shall not exceed the concrete strength specified in the second paragraph of this article. When there is no mature regional experience, it shall not be less than the time specified in Table 3.2.6.

2, Detection time:

(1) Advance testing to provide a basis for design;

(2) Construction inspection during the construction phase;

(3) Acceptance test after completion of construction;

(4) Identification and testing during the construction phase or the use phase.

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