What to do with percussion drill?

- Apr 10, 2019-

1. After malignant drilling, how to deal with it correctly?

   Answer: After a vicious percussion drill, you should immediately find out the reason and deal with it quickly.

   (1) If the drill does not fall into the well, first try to restore the circulation, active drilling tools, and prevent stuck.

   (2) Thoroughly inspect the suspension system, brake system and related gas and transmission parts, as well as related drilling tools and instruments, and eliminate the ground problems before performing downhole treatment.

   (3) If the drilling tool has not been dropped, it can be lifted slowly. If it is not stuck, the hanging weight should be proofed.

   (4) When the drilling tool falls into the well, the situation will be complicated. Especially when the drill pipe is very long, it is likely to become a large section of “twist” or even break into several sections. The position of the fish top is unknown.

        First, the lower drill pipe to explore the top of the fish, slowly explore in the possible well section, must not be too much to prevent, to prevent the fish top from squeezing the wall, increasing handling difficulties

        Second, if you find the top of the fish, you will salvage the buckle. (If you are cutting the fish head, you should record the top of the fish to drill and change the fishing tool.) Pay attention to the anti-card when lifting, and prohibit the shackle.

        Third, if you can't find the top of the fish, you can use other methods such as electric measurement to find the fish top and then try to salvage.

2. Why can't we use the turntable shackle when fishing for drilling tools and falling objects?

    Answer: The shackle of the turntable can easily get rid of the caught fish or falling objects, complicating the accident. Therefore, only when we can predict the failure of salvage, will break out the pipe with rotaty table.