Where are the groundwater sources?

- Aug 09, 2019-

 The geographical location of each area is different, and it cannot be accurately described. However, many novices will ask when using the drilling machine. Where is the groundwater?


     It is fitting to answer this question with basic common sense. There is a layer of stone on the surface of the earth. This is the bedrock. There is a crack in the bedrock, and the water is in the crack, including the mountain. The area lower than the mountain is covered with clay, sand and pebbles. This is a loose layer. The clay has a small particle size. There is no open space between the particles. There is no water, the grain size of the sand and the pebbles is large, and the open space between the particles is also large. Water is here.


     Thicker from 0 meters to 1000 meters may have a thicker local. Combined with local geography, it is easy to find the right location for drilling. Therefore, for this issue, it is recommended that everyone should make judgments based on the local stratum and choose the right location to drill. After reaching a certain depth and the stratum, there will be water.