Why not suitable for use water well drilling rigs in the rainy season?

- Sep 27, 2019-

Why not  suitable for use  water well drilling rigs in the rainy season?

After the raft is made, it is necessary to pump water to check the results. Under normal circumstances, a large deep pumping can be done. The water level is stable for a duration of not less than eight hours, and the water flow rate of the well's moving water level is measured. The thickness of the filter layer and the particle size of the filter material in the large well with water entering the bottom of the well should be constructed according to the design requirements. The bottom mud and sediment must be removed before the filter layer is laid. The filter material should be sieved to remove mud and the amount is reserved.


     The well drilling project should ensure smooth drainage of the construction site, so avoid the rainy season. When working while excavating the earth, the excavation slope should be determined according to the physical and mechanical properties of the soil layer, generally 1:1.5, and there must be a certain distance from the slope of the soil to the top of the excavation. For large wells with water in the well wall, the inlet holes and the filter layer of the well wall must be arranged according to the design requirements, and the inlet hole should be blocked during construction. The filter material filling in the aquifer area should meet the requirements, and the backfill should have a certain high height. The frozen soil in the backfill should not exceed 15% in winter.