Working performance of groundwater detector

- Dec 29, 2018-

Instrument machine size is small, low power consumption, many functions, if the operator in 10 minutes without any operation, the instrument automatically shut down. The receiving part has the instantaneous overvoltage input protection ability, the emission part has the overvoltage, the overcurrent and the AB open circuit protection ability. Multi-parameter, multi-method-the instrument can directly give the natural potential, visual resistivity, visual polarization rate, semi-decay time, attenuation degree, excitation ratio, deviation degree and comprehensive parameters and other water-finding parameters, working in two time difference method, The instrument can also give two time difference parameters and quality discrimination parameters to draw the measurement parameters on the whole line on the large screen display curve, the measurement results are intuitive and clear. All Chinese character touch panel with Chinese character menu prompts, the operation is extremely convenient. can set the work cycle arbitrarily, and there are 9 kinds of common field work method selection and its polar distance constant, device constant input and calculation function, polar distance constant table--for all devices, can pre-store up to 100 sets of different polar distance constants, so as to avoid the same polar distance constant repeated input may bring input errors, enter only a number, You can bring up the appropriate group of polar distance constants to use or reset. Grounding Resistance Inspection-can check the grounding of each electrode at any time, convenient and practical. Ultra-Large capacity data storage-measurement parameters are stored along with extreme distance constants, and the instrument can store up to 2,250 measuring points of data. All instrument setting parameters and measurement data have power off protection. Equipped with the RS-232C interface can work with other microcomputers online. Diagnostic procedures can quickly and accurately determine the location of the fault and the main damage to the device.

The fully sealed structure has the advantages of waterproof, dustproof and long life.