12 Channels Seismic Refraction Instrument Testing At Field

- May 10, 2019-

12 channel Seismic Refraction Instrument Testing at Field in Chongqing.


WZG-24C engineering seismograph, WZG-24C Engineering Seismograph is developed as a 24bit instrument under Chinese/English version WINDOWS operating system. With years of designing and manufacture experiences, and accepting latest electronic technologies and design ideas, WZG-24C features multi-function, high accuracy, high speed, reliable data and good expandability.

Seismic source may be hammer, electric spark or explosion. It is extremely suitable for wave velocity testing (sheared wave), surface wave detecting, pier foundation inspection, ground micro-tremor survey, seismic imaging, shake measurement, and reflection and refraction survey. It is extensively applicable in hydrogeology, electric power, railway, bridge, city construction, traffic and other engineering geological field prospecting as well as in exploration of petroleum, coalfield, uranium ore, groundwater and other resources.