5G UAV Helps Fire Detection In Liangshan Forest Fire

- Apr 08, 2020-

On March 30, 2020, a forest fire broke out in Xichang City, Liangshan Prefecture, Sichuan Province. The mountain fire quickly spread to Lushan, endangering Xichang city. China Mobile (Chengdu) Industrial Research Institute organized the establishment of an emergency rescue commando team at the first time, mobilized resources such as drones and rushed to the scene overnight, and worked with Sichuan Mobile to use 5G, AI and other technologies to assist Liangshan in its rescue work.


Drone ready to take off

Through satellite remote sensing data, information collected by drones, and mobile base station data, large data analysis can be performed on the initial situation of the fire point to provide a basis for decision-making for fire rescue.

As of 21:00 on April 1, the emergency rescue commando has completed two fire spot detection missions in Lushan and Woyunshan. Through the video and data returned by the UAV, the fire point distribution map, fire source point, and fire range can be clearly obtained, and the fire direction can be judged by the on-site wind direction and fire source changes.


View UAV backhaul data


The drone returns the fire point picture

In the follow-up, 5G UAV technology will continue to perform multiple flight missions according to the site conditions and the requirements of the headquarters to provide continuous rescue support for the Xichang forest fire.