A Letter Of Thanks From The Department Of Border And Ocean Affairs Of The Ministry Of Foreign Affairs

- Aug 20, 2019-

Recently, the National Basic Geographic Information Center received a letter of thanks from the Department of Border and Ocean Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. It fully affirmed the work of the 2019 border work and surveying and mapping technology training courses that the Center is responsible for. It attaches great importance to the Center and is responsible for its work. Thank you for your attitude and style.

Thanks to the letter, "China's advanced mapping technology" and "the application of geographic information systems in national border management" and other courses, concentrated on the practical achievements and latest developments in related fields, won the praise of the students, and promoted China's peace. The experience and concept of resolving border disputes has promoted my technical standards to “go global” and promoted my exchanges and cooperation with neighboring countries in border work. Your center attaches great importance to the design of the curriculum in a targeted manner, carefully selects the instructors, strictly controls the teaching content, and makes positive contributions to the success of the training class.

In 2019, the "Boundary Work and Mapping Technology Training Course" was hosted by the Department of Border and Ocean Affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and hosted by the China Institute of Border and Ocean Research at Wuhan University. It was held in Wuhan from July 1st to 10th. Officials and experts from 28 border, border defense, mapping and other businesses from 14 countries including Afghanistan, Bangladesh, Cambodia, North Korea, Indonesia and Kyrgyzstan participated. The successful holding of the training class promoted the exchanges and cooperation between China and neighboring countries in the border mapping work. The center will continue to take advantage of the new mapping and geographic information technology, provide and share the geographic information technology tools and resources for regional development, and promote the surveying and mapping geography of neighboring countries. The common development of information.