Application Of High Precision Magnetic Exploration In Mineral Exploration

- May 29, 2019-

The iron ore exploration area is located in Longyan City, Fujian Province. Direction, straight distance of about 22km, under the jurisdiction of a town in Longyan City. _[The area is located in the middle and low hilly area, the main ridge is extended in NW direction, the terrain is high in the northwest and low in the south and east. The elevation elevation is 1282.9m and the lowest is 965m.

Digital Magneteomter

The relative height difference is about 317.9m. The terrain is strongly cut and the slope is steep. The exposed strata in the mine site range from the old to the new to the Lower Jurassic Lishan Formation (Jla), the Jurassic Upper Tongnanyuan Formation, the second (J3n) stratum, and the Quaternary in the middle of the exploration area. O) Distribution.

In order to find out the development prospects of the iron ore point, further understand the iron ore resources in the area, and initially grasp the ore-bearing and ore-bearing parts of the mineralization zone in the mine, and identify an iron ore source for development and utilization as soon as possible. . According to the work requirements of geological prospecting, high-precision magnetic surveys are carried out in the mining area. According to the situation of the survey area, we have laid 10 survey lines, and the survey area has a line orientation of 135. Dot line spacing is set at 1:10000 scale. The line spacing is 100m and the point distance is l0m. The layout of the Ding Cheng line is shown in Figure 1. In the process of measurement, we strictly abide by the requirements of the “High-precision Magnetic Measurement Work Procedures on the Ground”.


From the above contour map, we can see that the magnetic anomaly trap is a "human" type delay. It is very likely that it is an extension of the vein, and the result is only the physical properties of the mine. In view of the many geophysical explorations, it is necessary to integrate geological and drilling data, and further verify that the data collection is less than 10, and the signal-to-noise ratio is high. The land is less difficult to explain and the results are clear. High credibility