Application Range Of Drilling Rig

- Dec 29, 2018-

(1) In the survey and exploration of deposit, especially non-ferrous metal rare metals, tunnel drilling is used to recover the deposit, encrypt the geological structure of exploration and survey to identify ore bodies, sampling and verification, etc.

(2) in mine excavation, the tunnel drilling technology is commonly used to drill underground observation holes, vents, drainage holes, gas emission holes, grouting holes, blasting holes, anchor holes and the pilot holes of excavated tunnels.

(3) In other areas of geotechnical engineering construction, the equipment and technology of pit drilling can be used to control the deep Foundation pit support for the slope reinforcement geological hazards of the dam Foundation, as well as the underground engineering construction of industrial commercial traffic military and so on.

(4) for Building Foundation, Plant Foundation, high-speed Rail Foundation, Highway Foundation and other Geotechnical foundation construction.