ASEAN Becomes China's Largest Trading Partner

- Apr 01, 2020-

Geographical advantage is one of the biggest trade advantages, because many ASEAN countries with China or land connected or across the sea, to do business to be very convenient, if the United States or EU countries to trade also have to drift across the sea, obviously not the pursuit of investors, and because ASEAN countries in recent years infrastructure is constantly improving, So it is only natural that a lot of industries have been transferred from China, so it is only natural that the volume of trade with China will increase.

According to data released by CNN, Vietnam, which has the largest trade volume with China among ASEAN countries, reached 142 billion yuan in January-February, while Vietnam's China is also its largest trading partner. ASEAN countries will become increasingly dependent on China, because China's huge market demand in the future will be their best opportunity to develop their economy, I believe many ASEAN countries will not miss this opportunity.