Basic Classification Of Drilling Rigs

- Dec 29, 2018-

Because the purpose and construction object of geotechnical drilling and excavation project are different, there are many kinds of drilling rig. Drilling rigs can be classified by use, such as core drilling rigs, oil drilling rigs, hydrogeological surveys and well drilling rigs, engineering geological exploration rigs, pit drilling rigs and engineering construction rigs.

According to the drilling method, the rig can be divided into four categories: Impact drilling rig, but also divided into wire rope impact type, drill pipe impact type of two drilling rigs. Rotary drilling rig, and divided into the following three kinds: vertical shaft type-hand into the type, spiral differential to the inlet, hydraulic feed drilling rig, turntable type-steel rope plus decompression type, hydraulic cylinder plus decompression drilling rig; mobile rotary type-full hydraulic power head exchanger, mechanical power head exchanger drilling rig. Vibration drilling rig.

Composite drilling rig: vibration, shock, rotation, static pressure and other functions in different combinations of composite rigs together.