Central Asia’s Largest Tin Deposit Expected To Spur Kazakhstan’s Non-ferrous Metal Industry

- Mar 18, 2019-

      Central Asia‘s largest tin deposit expected to spur Kazakhstan’s non-ferrous metal industry

According to foreign media reports, Governor of Northern Kazakhstan, Gumal, announced that it will develop the world's largest undeveloped tin deposit in North Kazakhstan. The investment in the development of the project will reach 4 billion tenge, about 10.6 million US dollars. .

“Over the years, the only tin deposit in Kazakhstan, the largest in Central Asia, has been developed in the Ayyrtau region. The stripping project will begin in May this year, and this year’s investment will reach 4 billion tenge,” the governor said.

According to him, the comprehensive commissioning will be completed in 2021, with a total investment of 100 billion tenge (about 1.9 billion yuan).

The Syrymbet deposit is the only tin deposit in Kazakhstan and the largest tin deposit in Central Asia, developed by Tin One Mining LLC.

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