Chongqing Geological Information

- Jul 17, 2019-

Bayu folklore was born in Bashan and Yushui, with Bayu folklore culture as its soul. The excavation of Bayu folklore, let us revisit the native voice; living in Bayu residential, let us experience the poetic dwelling. The residence with Bayu culture enables us to see mountains, see water, retain the nostalgia and realize the unity of knowledge and practice. The existing poverty-alleviating residential quarters in Chengkou, Kanggu, Wuxi Changhong Village, Dalaishan Tree House, Southern Bank Tang Shirt Cai are for your choice.

Chongqing, known as the "city built on the back of dinosaurs", has 24 out of 38 districts and counties found nearly 70 dinosaur fossils on the land of 824,000 square kilometers, with 9 complete and ongoing shelving. Continuous field surveys show that other animals, plants and remains in Chongqing are also rich and colorful, many of which are among the best fossils of their kind.